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 It can be very disconcerting to discover a stain on your furniture, especially if it is a beloved piece of furniture that you have worked hard to maintain. Short of applying plastic covers over your sofas, chairs and love seats, it is inevitable that your furniture will eventually be susceptible to a stain of some sort. When this happens, it can be tempting to try to remove the stain yourself, but your best bet is to avoid trying different solvents and risking more damage to your furniture. 

When you first call for a consultation, the representative you speak with will ask you what kind of cleaning services you are looking for. Once you have established which furniture and the types of fibers, you will be provided with an estimate. If the estimate is given over the phone, it is only a basis to go on because the depth of the treatment is not known until the technician is able to evaluate the upholstery in person.

Once the type of stain is established as well as the fiber involved, the technician will use his knowledge of the particular fiber in applying the proper techniques. Always ensure that you hire a reputable company for upholstery services otherwise you run the risk of losing your upholstery due to damage.

Why Upholstery Cleaning is Important

Like carpets, upholstery is subject to losing its luster after being used frequently. If you have pets or small children, you are likely to need more frequent cleanings than if the upholstery is only used occasionally. Keeping your upholstery clean is also beneficial to your health as you are removing built up allergens that may exist within the fibers.

If you feel that your furniture is in need of a cleaning, call the experts today and see how beautifully your upholstery can be restored.

How to maintain your Upholstery

When you set out to purchase a sofa or loveseat you usually do not pay attention to what it will take to maintain the upholstery, but you should. Many people simply focus on size, color and design. There is much more that should go into your search for that perfect piece.

While all furniture has tags that identify what the upholstery is made from, most people are not educated in fabrics and really do not pay attention to this detail. Some fabrics are much harder to maintain and should not be purchased for a home that contains young children or animals. 

Counting on the salesman is not always your best method. Remember, the salesman is there to sell furniture. With that said you can buy the furniture you desire by simply educating yourself before you venture out. Knowing a little something about the upholstery you are purchasing could save you from purchasing the wrong piece of furniture.
Some things to know about fabrics and their wear are as follows:

* Cotton is commonly used in one form or another in upholstery such as canvas and denim. While it wears quite well it wrinkles easily and should not be exposed to heat.

* Silk and wool represent the animal fibers and contrast in use. Silk is very beautiful in appearance but does not fare very well in frequent use, while wool is strong and durable.

* Leather has been a popular choice for years for its resistance to wear and tear. The downside to leather is that as it ages it also tends to fade in color, unless it is properly cared for.

* Synthetic fibers - This group is actually quite extensive. Some of the contributors are acetates, polyester, rayon and nylon. While they work better when blended, some of them are susceptible to fading from sunlight.

As you can see there is a lot that should go into choosing a fabric before selecting a piece of furniture. All upholstery needs proper care in order to retain its beauty. Once you have decide on that special sofa or loveseat there are some practical things that you can do to maintain it such as vacuuming weekly. This means under the cushions too. Also rotating the cushions will 

keep the shape of the cushions especially if there are favorite seats used frequently. Dusting the top and back and using covers for the arm rests will all help to keep the upholstery from dust and oils becoming trapped in the upholstery.

The best way to maintain your upholstery is to use a professional steam cleaning service. These companies specialize in the care of all types of fabrics. They understand what cleaners work best on different fabric in order to remove stains and
normal wear that happens over time. Steam cleaning is an art. By hiring a steam cleaning company you will be guaranteed that they know how to steam clean the furniture. Knowing how much steam and how to use the equipment is very important in avoiding any future problems that can happen such as mold or mildew.