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Let’s face it only a small percentage of the population truly enjoys cleaning. While most of us go through the motions out of necessity, oftentimes we do not look forward to the work. With that in mind, you also know that regular maintenance can increase the life of large items – namely your upholstery.

 When it comes to upholstery there are several things that you can do to extend the life of your furniture. Here are a few things that while they may seem common knowledge are worth repeating.

 * Vacuuming - Even if you think you can put it off another week because to the eye your upholstery appears clean, do it. Particles travel constantly through the air and land all over your furniture. Just take a look at your television and how quickly dust accumulates because the same particles are also on your furniture. If these are not removed on a regular basis over time they will collect and eventually soil the surface making it harder to fully clean.

 * Rotation - While this may seem trivial it works. By rotating the cushions you create even wear on the furniture. This will help to keep the shape of your cushions for a longer period of time.

 * Decorative items - We all like to add our own personal touch to our furniture with throws and pillows. Just keep in mind that the dyes from these items can penetrate to your upholstery causing it to soil or show stains over time. This is especially important for lighter colored upholstery.

 * Sunshine - Nothing feels better than a warm blast of the sun on your shoulders, but this can also harm your fabrics. Sun will wear over time on your upholstery creating a discoloration of the fabric. With this in mind try to avoid placing your furniture where it will be in the way of direct sunlight.

 * Dusting - Dusting is great in helping reduce the amount of particles that are allowed to settle on the furniture in between regular vacuuming sessions. Try and use a damp cloth for the top of your sofa to gently remove without harming the fabric. Newspapers and magazines alike can create paper dust. Avoid where possible contact with your furniture. Paper dust can easily get into the pores of the fabric making it difficult to remove.

 * Cushions - Even if your cushions have zippers refrain from the impulse to remove and wash in your washer. These zippers where put in place by the manufacturer for easy access later for stuffing. Anyone who has done this before has only done it once. Not only can you change the color but you may also have a bigger problem such as the cover becoming smaller than the padding.

 * Professional cleaning - Purchasing an over the counter fabric cleaner may cost less initially but in the long run it will cost you more. There are too many things that can go wrong if the product is not used correctly and tested first. By hiring a professional trained to clean all types of fabrics you take the worry out of any mistakes that may happen. If something is not satisfactory you can simply call them back to fix or repair the damage.

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