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Many people today are trying to get the most out of everything they own. With these times of uncertainty things, that were once replaced are now being repaired. This holds true for furniture as well. If your upholstery has prominent stains or has lost its luster there are some things you can try before reupholstering it or sending it to the junk yard.

What people do not realize is that upholstery requires maintenance just the same as a rug needs to be vacuumed and a floor cleaned. Furniture tends to get overlooked until someone spills something and then you run for the paper towels and cleaner.
When you first purchase your furniture it is a good idea to have it scotch guarded. This is usually done by the manufacturer. If you have just purchased a nice piece of furniture inquire if they will treat it, if they do not then you can purchase this yourself. Depending on the pieces purchased will dictate the amount of scotch guard you will need. It is very important to do this before use as scotch guarding has been proven to enhance the life of your furniture. Not only will it reduce the amount of stains that get absorbed into the upholstery but it will also make it easier to keep clean.

Having a vacuum with the right attachments as well as enough suction will also help to reduce the amount of debris that gets trapped in the furniture. A good vacuum makes all the difference in the world to the appearance of your furniture.
It is also a good idea to have slip covers for the arms of the couch and love seat as well as your recliner. This will help to reduce the amount of natural oil that comes off whenever a person rests their arm on the upholstery. Over time the buildup of oils and lotions can really take away from the appearance and feel of the furniture.

Keeping food away from the furniture will eliminate the possibility of an accident occurring. Of course even your best efforts cannot totally eliminate them from occurring. If an accident should happen clean it up as quickly as possible. If you have pets, blankets or throws work well in keeping as much of their hair and dander off the upholstery.

When all else fails you should have your upholstery steam cleaned. The manufacturer recommends that your upholstery be professionally cleaned as least once a year. Having a professional clean cleaning company do this is your best bet. They know how to treat all different types of surfaces and fabrics. When it comes to your furniture too many things can happen if not cleaned correctly. By
having it professionally steam cleaned you will know that your furniture will not change colors and that when the process is completed it will be virtually dry. With steam cleaning nearly one hundred percent of the bacteria and stains will be removed. Plus with steam cleaning there are no chemicals used, just water, making it safe for all family members.